Jungle Doctor Sharon Brandon

Jungle Doctor Sharon

After living in a village and learning a local language Aekyom, Sharon is now a longterm New Zealand missionary doctor in Rumginae, Papua New Guinea. A Rumginae Missionary Doctor / Papua New Guinea Missionary.

Greetings in the name of Jesus. I am Sharon. I left New Zealand in September 2008 to be a jungle doctor and Pioneers Missionary in Rumginae, Papua New Guinea. 

After a year of language and cultural orientation, I started work at Rumginae Hospital for the long term. 


One BIG need in the Runginae Hospital, is additional doctors. We are pleased to welcome Dr Kevin from PNG to join the team. Are there any other national doctors sensing the call of God to help people in the bush? More doctors will allow better support for the village health centres, give us time for continuing education or a welcome break. 

Please read through my blog/newsletters for the latest as my story in Rumginae journeying with God unfolds. 


I grew up in a Christian home which loved marginalised people who needed Jesus. I delighted in God changing the lives of people around me. But it was not until University and my long process of getting into medical school, that I understood deeply that I too am a needy person unacceptable to God through my own efforts. I need Jesus. 


I visited Rumginae for three months as a medical student and had the time of my life. I saw the difference God made in the lives of those transformed from fear of the spirits to a life of faith in God. The medical work was ingenious, but heartrending in a place with few resources and great burden of disease. After two more trips there as a doctor and a year at Bible College, my sights were set on returning long-term. I joined Pioneers in 2008 and moved to PNG at the end of that year. 


My vision is of truly Christian healthcare using discipleship and training to support a growing church. 

I believe I need to listen to their spiritual understanding of life so we can work together on what Biblical Christianity looks like in their context. 

In my first 3 year term I first studied pidgin and lived in a village to learn the Aekyom language and culture. Then I started serving as a doctor at Rumginae Hospital. 


  • Praise God for His work in my life and for a 
    supportive family and home church 
  • For a deepening relationship with God, faithfulness and 
    joy in serving and for a growing passion to see Him glorified 
  • For good relationships 
    with nationals and understanding of their beliefs 
  • For Papua New Guinean people to accept Jesus 
    alone as Lord and Saviour 
  • For wisdom and courage in communicating Christ 
    and treating patients amidst suffering

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