Dec 2009 - Issue 15

Dec 2009 - Issue 15

The Team at Rumginae Hospital

Meet some of our team at Rumginae Hospital, the maintenance team for my new house at Rumginae. We're actually the Missionary Team in the North Fly region, an international bunch representing Pioneers, MAF and UFM missions, but this week you'd be forgiven for thinking we were plumbers, electricians and painters.

Dr Addy ordered the fridge and diagnosed some power problems, pilots Jason and Rick unclogged the gas pipe, church worker Phil Carter glued up a burst water pipe connection, fixed dead power points and wired up a "hot cupboard" to beat the humidity, and I've been fixing up partially-varnished sticky surfaces and planting a garden.

I'll be working a lot more closely with the team now I'm at Rumginae, so let me tell you of their "real" jobs.

Rosie is a doctor from the UK who has been here over 12 years. She's now working full-time strengthening the church. Many people drop into her house to chat (including me!) and she seems to have her finger on the pulse of the community. Pray for her as she prepares Rural Training Courses for next year (among many other things).

Dr Addy from India (but was a missionary kid in PNG) has been working in Rumginae over 12 years too. Her experience is in demand for many meetings about the health service in this province and country. A place of logistical challenges! Pray that the talk will move to action for better health system resourcing. Her home has been a haven for me on my breaks from the village.

Dr Sharmini is an answer to prayer! She once again came short-term to Rumginae to cover a gap in doctors (the long-term Priest family are on leave in Australia and I'm not starting work until January).

Pray the Priests will be refreshed and pray for Sharmini and I covering the hospital while Dr Addy leaves for a holiday sometime in January.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) tries to have two pilots here. They have a major role in transporting patients, medicines and staff to our outstation health centres, as well as serving the wider community.

Jason Marsh and his family from Canada have recently joined us. Pray for them in this busy and stretching time.

Rick Velvin has just moved on to a post in the highlands, and Matt Painter and family are still in Australia after having their first baby. Pray baby Ned's visa will come quickly so they can come and help.

The Carters (from OZ) live in nearby Kiunga town. I loved staying with them and their two children recently on a shopping trip. They work with church leaders and have a vision for creating a regional training centre that will facilitate long-term input into pastors. Many are!following false teaching. Pray for good relationships!and teachable leaders.

Let me advertise a position vacant. We'd really like a missionary to come and train the national staff in maintenance for the station!

Also living on the station are people from many different PNG tribes and languages, involved in the 60 bed hospital, Bible school, elementary and primary schools, the district church office or MAF.

My Dande village friends call Rumginae Station the "English world" and it is certainly very different to the village.

I'd appreciate your prayers as I adjust physically and emotionally to my new home and start work in January. Before I start work I'm having a holiday, as will many of you. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas

Our powerful saviour was born in a stable, maybe like this one I saw in Central Asia.

I praise God that Jesus is God with us, not dead or far off and uninvolved, but known and compassionate.

Thank-you for your valuable part in spreading the good news of Jesus in PNG by your prayers and support.


With many smiles and tears I was sung to, thanked, showered with gifts, surrounded by dancers and given an enormous dish of food to eat.

The love and generosity shown to me was overwhelming! I thanked them in Aekyom for all they had taught me - I have learned of their ways and God's. Although there are several things I won't miss, it was hard to leave.
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