August 2010 - Issue 20

August 2010 - Issue 20

Original Recipes


• two tired doctors
• donor agencies
• sixty bed hospital
• rumours of Cholera
• equipment odds and ends
• two questioning UK med students

Take the 2 doctors firmly in both hands, cover with demands from the donor agencies and stuff in the over-full hospital. Add in repeated meetings to prepare for cholera epidemics.

Delay ward-round to throw in unexpected trips to theatre. Add a stream of sick children and combine medicine with prayer. Punch down with periodic equipment failures. Lighten the mixture with extra help from medical students. Place in a dish marked "My Grace is sufficient for you," and heat in a tropical oven.


• fifteen new students
• fifteen returning students
• many open Bibles
• one Community Health Worker School
• prayer
• national staff
• a bunch of praying friends

Mix together grade 10 leavers from all over the region. Pour into Community Health Worker School. Combine lectures with on-ward and community postings, as you add liberal doses of Bible Study and daily devotions. Blend in daily contacts between staff and students and cover with prayers of many friends. Allow to simmer for two years. Then sprinkle finished product into bush health centres with the opportunity to serve and glorify the Lord.


• one river
• two missionaries
• several children
• women doing laundry
• singing cicadas
• sunset
• walkie-talkie radio

Take two missionaries to the riverbank at the end of the day. Stir together missionaries and splashing children and women doing washing - until Aekyom conversation and laughter ring out over the drone of cicadas. Leave radio on the bank to rest. Place missionaries in river and leave swimming undisturbed until chilled. Watch for the glorious sunset. Collect radio and serve again with renewed strength.


• two or three doctors
• two pilots and MAF planes
• one missionary bible teacher
• ECPNG church

Place new doctor in mission station to add to existing missionaries. Wait patiently for her to rise to the challenges. Add another when existing doctors close-to exhausted. Put together with MAF families bringing patients from the bush, connecting teachers and pastors and store goods with remote places. Add in Bible teacher to mentor leaders. Fold in delicately with staff and church members, allowing flavours to combine without dominating the structure. Place in mould of the life of Jesus. Serve to the surrounding community to whet their appetite for the ways of God.

From Sharon Brandon

Home for the long weekend

What a welcome home, even from the dogs! Mum hugged me and cried and cooked all
my favourite foods. My friend and I chatted and slept in late and laughed and washed clothes together. The garden we planted is growing well! We walked through the rain harvesting taro and picking greens and weeding. People asking where I had gone heard, "she's gone to her place". Some were confused and thought that meant New Zealand, but it was only a $2 trip down the road... to Dande village. A real gift from God.

Prayer Points

  • Thanks for Dr Dan and family arrived back this week. Pray for them as they settle in.
  • Thanks for the help of 2 medical students for the last 2 months.
  • Pray for hospital staff and students to grow in God.
  • Pray for another doctor for next year and a health secretary.
  • Pray for gospel conversations with patients
  • Pray for medical supplies to come and equipment to get working.
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