June 08

June 08


Six flat screen computers, three oxygen concentrators, a suction machine, nebuliser, surgical instruments and hopefully an ultrasound machine: all donated.


I had put aside this last month in Dunedin for communicating with people in church and hoping that some people would grow in their heart for the world. That has certainly happened. What I didn’t expect was to receive so much myself. Many connected with my story and shared how God is leading them. People from church I hardly know invited me to their homes and blessed me with their prayers. After speaking to one group they responded “Sharon you will be very vulnerable as you go to the village. We pledge to pray for you.” Another group kept asking how they could help, and became the source of computers and help with newsletters. Several friends have formed a “Home Support Team” who will continue to provide practical support and accountability, headed up by
Jennifer Macleod. I really appreciated being “commissioned” in prayer by my church.

While I had no intention to bring donated goods with me, a doctor from church (my old boss) took me around various departments shamelessly asking for “retired” hospital equipment. In a corner of the engineering department was a box of discarded surgical instruments, many matching Rumginae Hospital’s wish list of needed goods. When I told Rumginae I’d found an oxygen concentrator, they wanted me to send it straight away. The one at an aid post has recently died, along with the patient relying on it.

You may wonder how the cargo will all get to PNG, but this too is looking very possible. Campbell Live on TV3 a few weeks ago profiled David Nunn, a New Plymouth man whose voluntary job is collecting retired hospital equipment from NZ and getting to hospitals in the Pacific. We have got in contact and he is keen to help both with finding things on the wish list and arranging transport for me. In return, some things I’ve been offered from Dunedin that I don’t need will be useful to him.

I’ve left Dunedin but know that I’m taking many good partnerships with me. Praise God for great support by my sending church and all His provision, taking me from feeling rather daunted a month or so ago, to a place of wonder and contentment. Next is time in the North Island sharing with family and friends, aiming for PNG around 20 August.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the ultrasound machine to get through the hospital red tape to be donated and transported with all the goods to PNG
  • Pray for the newly-formed Home Support Team to work together well with each other and me.
  • Pray for good relationships with family
  • Pray for a visa in time for the Pacific Orientation Course in August in PNG.


to Uncle Bryan and to the Martins for both winning the newsletter name competition! I grew up reading “Jungle Doctor” books by Paul White: tales to explain God’s truth, birthed in his medical mission in Africa. It made a good theme for my “Jungle Doctor” leaving party too! Thanks for “Sharing with Sharon” in prayer, encouragement and giving. Mission really is a partnership of those who stay and those who go, serving God together.
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