December 2008


After saying enough goodbyes to last 3 years, I’m back in NZ after a 2-month tourist visa!

From all the stories I hear, it could take a few weeks to a few months to get the 3 year visa. Meantime, I’m catching up with friends and family and looking for ways to serve.

Amazingly, Rumginae hospital has enough doctors until September 2009, but I really do need dedicated language-learning time in a village before that.


Patrick said...
"When you came, it was like life-giving rain and when you go it will be like a drought. My heart’s stirred to become a missionary"

AND I THOUGHT THE DEBT WENT all the other way!

Joy and I, two singles, were the first to stay in the brand-new bush house the family had been working on for 8 months, while they continued to stay with the inlaws.

They had spent hours refining our firelighting skills, teaching riverstyle washing, deciphering our halting pidgin and incorporating us into village life.

We were students doing the village-living component of SILs Pacific Orientation Course staying in Karem village on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. Our hosts were Patrick and Martha with their two young children.

Somehow, despite the language and culture barriers, we had a spiritual connection.

Sitting around in the evening, the stories naturally flowed to what God was doing in our lives. They prayed for me when I was sick (two weeks of diarrhoea) and I was healed. Reading the pidgin Bible became a spontaneous Bible study grappling with the ways of God. They were pleased to dedicate their house to God by having missionaries use it for the first 5 weeks, helping prepare us to serve others in their country.

Receiving their kind words, I left more fluent in pidgin and equipped to live and learn the local language in my long-term village. I left praising God for the love he was giving our hosts and ourselves for the people of Papua New Guinea. For them, broadening their sights beyond their language group and for us building our respect for those we would serve. What grace for God to use us in our weakness, a debt He has already paid.

Prayer Points

Thank God for the generosity of Patrick and Martha, pray that their ministry will bring much fruit.
Pray for:
  • a visa
  • for opportunities to serve in the interim
  • for good spiritual health

Thank God for great orientation to PNG so far

and pray that God would prepare the place for me in my village (Dande).


Praise God for a great team of supporters – people who pray, practical support and nearly full sponsorship.

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