May 2008 Newsletter


I’d like to tell you about what’s up with me. I’m hoping you’re not too surprised that I’m heading to Papua New Guinea to serve God in Healthcare and discipleship. The surprise is more likely to be that it really is happening soon!


I’m going in August 2008 with Pioneers, starting with a year of language and culture learning. First there’ll be an organised course learning pidgin English and some rather well-supervised time in a village. I’m hoping to get a few mistakes out of the way there before spending the next 9 months in another village on my own learning the Aekyom language. I believe that is important to set me up for the long haul of working with the local Aekyom community when I start serving as a doctor in Rumginae hospital from my second year.


It has been a long journey of getting to this point. I guess I’ve always been keen that people know about Jesus, but the vision of how I fit into the plan has taken some refining, and certainly needs some more. After Bible College in Sydney in 2005 and a trip to PNG at each end of the year, I aimed to return to the same place long-term. I returned to NZ to get more experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology and then Emergency medicine, as well as rebuild a relationship with my church from student days. Dunedin City Baptist Church is enthusiastically sending me off to PNG.
Two weeks ago I had my last day at work, so now I’m getting full-time into catching up with friends and family and a wee bit of organising. If you’re in NZ, give me a call and I’d love to come and visit before I leave. I am also seeking a team of people to support me in prayer and finance. Look out for the brochure: I’ll send you one when it’s printed.


  • Praise God for supportive family and church
  • Pray for a visa and financial support in time for August
  • Pray for dependence on God in the transitions

It would be great to hear what’s happening in your life too.
Regards, Sharon

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