Daru Cholera Outbreak

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST – Daru Cholera Outbreak – Papua New Guinea

Please pray for us on the brink of a cholera outbreak. Our provincial capital Daru, Papua New Guinea has had 21 deaths in the past 3 weeks, we found out yesterday. There should only be a case fatality rate of 1%, but they may be seeing about 10% – so they are probably not too prepared. They are supposed to be in charge of preparing the rest of the province and we only just found out about it.

An now there are proven cases at the towns at both ends of the road we are on. This is rather critical. We are rushing to get supplies of bleach and buckets and planning how to have an emergency cholera ward / temporary hospital and how to educate the public. We don’t have enough IV fluid for the amount of cases we would anticipate, we are still months behind on receiving our normal medicine order. Pray for our hardworking staff to have wisdom how to best use their time and resources. And for our health. We have admitted to our hospital today an adult with diarrhoea who is dehydrated. We can’t test her… We are going to be treating people with very inadequate supply of gloves, water.. Pray for an outbreak not to occur. Pray this is an opportunity to improve our hospital – community relations as we have to work together.


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