December 2011 Newsletter – Issue 25

Paul wrote he had learned to be content in every circumstance, but I didn’t know how I’d go. New Zealand circumstances are rather different to those in PNG!

Many thanks to my New Zealand friends and family who have given me a very rich fruit-salad of experiences in my six months kiwi leave. I’ve loved it!

Fancy meals, comfortable beds, keys to the car, picturesque walks, accounting lessons, interest in my stories, world cup church camp, prayers, extra finances, eye-opening books, new ideas, meaty conversations, relaxed coffees… The list could go on.

My priorities were on getting refreshed and building up relationships with the kiwi team. And learning a few new skills on the side. That’s all happened and soon I’m leaving NZ 17 January to arrive in PNG 26 January 2012.

My mobile rang on a frosty August morning. Answering the unknown number, I could hear a rooster crowing. Then a murmur of voices betrayed the setting. Jennifer’s voice rang out in a hearty Aekyom greeting and we embarked on a stilted conversation. One quite new to talking on a phone, the other struggling to connect the life she had just left with her kiwi life.

It’s been a strange experience getting calls from the village while in NZ. My mind is bursting with questions, but there are no facial cues to watch and I don’t know how to get around the fact it is usually rude to verbally ask. My mouth refuses to respond in Aekyom and I revert to in English. I haven’t yet managed to explain time zones.

Its fun though to tell stories of meeting up with my NZ family, and the beans and strawberries we’re harvesting from mum’s garden. We have marveled together of all the NZ people I’m meeting who are praying for our village. The latest village family news is that our big brother’s infant son has just died. PNG’s high child mortality hits close to home. Please pray this brother will turn to Jesus.

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