About Rumginae

Rumginae is a former mission station now under leadership of the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea. It consists of the Rumginae hospital, Community Health Worker School, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) base, Bible school and Primary School as well as an English-speaking church and local language church. The local language is Aekyom. The 60 bed hospital is a church-run but government funded ministry to the remote rural community. Along with fifteen associated aid posts and the support of MAF, it serves much of Western Province. It is staffed by doctors and health workers from throughout Papua New Guinea, along with one or two expatriots. Healthcare ministry is a strategic area where beliefs can be confronted with the truth of the gospel and the loving service of Jesus can be shown. Most patients describe their illness in terms of a battle between the spirit and physical world. We hope to restore relationships in both the seen and unseen worlds to bring holistic health.